Persian new Year: The Harbinger of Harmony and Humanity

Spring is approaching and air is already redolent with the smell of jasmine and narcissus. Once again Iranians welcome, Nowrooz, heralding the New Day. An ancient and revered tradition celebrating spring with vegetation and the rejuvenation of the earth.

Persian new year is a very special time reminding us of our glorious past and the way our ancestors treated the world not only with power, but also with pride and humility.

Every year, far from home, we all remember the sweet memories of our childhood, growing up within a loving family, enjoying our cousins, neighbors and extended relatives while learning how to love and how to value our relationships.

We still can visualize the spring dances of tulips in the field, feeling the warmth of our decorated homes for the new year, and hearing our laughter on the green grass of the majestic plains. The loving presence of our parents presiding over the ceremonial SOFREH HAFT SEEN reciting poetry of HAFEZ at the turn of the equinox.

Many of us with such sweet memories left our beloved land for America reaching out for a more enriched life. A life with more individual choices, more possibilities and new experiences. Some of us migrated even before the political change of 1978. We settled here to embrace those who were not like us, to love them and to learn from their way of life and to share our traditions with them.

We were told that America is land of freedom, equality and opportunity for all. We heard of George Washington and the Founding

Fathers who wrote a magnificent piece of literature called constitution, the crown jewel of American Democracy with the intention of  ”Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness for all.”

Today, as an American citizen for more than forty years, I am wondering what happened to that America?

And once again I celebrate my new year with a heavy heart not knowing what will happen to my motherland, IRAN, home of CYRUS THE GREAT, the practitioner of the oldest democracy in the world.

On this side of ocean, my new home America has changed over the years.  In fact, everything I expected and hoped for has taken a different course. Our government officials and leaders are all about bolsters and bullies. Our values have become money and material goods, crimes have many faces from street gangs to the elite and famous, our children are exposed and encouraged to porn for profit while others are killed by assault weapons in schools and  in the playgrounds to the indifference of the political panderers.

In the name of nationalism and patriotism; racial divide, bigotry and prejudice has divided our communities and has led to hate crimes while political correctness and civility seems to be trait of a distant past.

Our politicians and leaders are often a disgrace to America and its values. Corporate greed has left us with huge disparity between the rich and the poor augmenting our indigent and homeless population.

Wars that we initiate or participate in are not defense against the aggressors attacking our security and sovereignty, but aimed at profit and power over other nations trying to change their way of lives and benefitting from their resources.

In the past thirty years both Iranians and Americans have paid heavily for the sins of their governments.

The hostage crisis of 1980’s took a toll on Iranians and affected every facet of their lives both here and at home.

The pre-emptive act of war against Iraq tainted the American global image, not to mention that we paid dearly both in cost and precious human lives. And we are still paying with the new era of terrorism.

There is no panacea for the mistakes made or for the miseries of the world, but we could be optimistic trusting in human benevolence.

We must stay united in action and spirit to push back against the demons of division and demagoguery knowing that one thing is certain and that is hope for a true united State of America.

Both nations, Iran and the United States should stand up to their unfair and unreasonable leaders and not to succumb to the pressures of propaganda or false persuasions.

Let’s  welcome Nowrooz as the harbinger of harmony, unity and peace for all.

Let’s hope as spring revives the nature with beauty and freshness, our hearts and minds also are rejuvenated with love and understanding for the humanity.

Let’s we the PEOPLE do not allow the self – serving leaders with myopic vision of the world divide us and turn our dreams into despair.

And let’s hope that Iranian people have a fabulous and peaceful new year all over the world as well as sharing their joy with their American friends and families.





It is 6:40 in the morning having my coffee,  watching the news when this young boy burst to tears after saying that 19 of his family members are dead after the Syrian chemical attack by Assad. I feel so helpless to do anything except finding myself crying with him.
As I am drying my helplessness tears, I wonder what all these SOB’s in power are doing except talking nonsense, enjoying their own lives of luxury & comfort while the average citizens are being screwed up all around the world?
I am speechless. How about you?

The Human Tragedy:

What money has to do with Human Tragedy?
The recent Cleveland murder video on Facebook has two demotions to ponder about:
One is the growing abuse of the social media & what to do about it?
The other & the more important one is the sad old story of poverty, destitute & human tragedy.
Every time someone like Steven Stevenson commits a murder or suicide I can not help myself to pause and feeling sorry even for the murderer
Sure none of us condoning such inhumane act but most of us judge without asking why? What happens to human soul to become capable of such act on another person or/ and to himself?
This is the richest country in the world with most resources and yet we have a huge population of homeless, unemployed & hungry in every State.
As a society we have to think deeper, to feel gentler and to act more effectively on behalf of those who are cornered by life challenges & forgotten by the Society.
No one is a murderer at birth. It is life misfortunes that breaks the back of many dignified people to the point that life has no value or meaning to them.
It is tragic what they choose as the remedy but for them all doors are closed & there is no way out.
There must be ways to improve people’s lives, to bring hope into their hearts, to sooth their pain, to lift the pressure hoping to prevent such tragedies.
Yes there is a strong link between economy & crime.
When our dignity is crushed some of us take the road to crush everything on our way.
And the poor old man happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time receiving his rage.

The Age of Modern Technology

In the age of modern media, fast pace life style, youth oriented society with multitasking talents a “Must Have” capability to find a job, we are either the winner or the loser. In other words, it is the “survival of the fittest” in the jungle of human society.

Today our political, social and financial lives are woven with waves and chips of technology. Everybody has access to everything for better or worse, we all receive an abundance of information right or wrong and we all react to them just or unjust in a matter of seconds. We all feel in control and empowered by our gadgets and helpless without them. Yes, it is easy, it gives us access, a sense of power and immediate pleasure.

On the downside, we have lost our privacy, social skills, basic etiquette, humanity, art of communication and our virtues of patience, tolerance and empathy. This is a huge price to be paid for having everything at our finger tips. 

And then there is another world, the so-called third world where they may not have all that luxury or have a limited version of them and yet life is palpable with all its challenges. In those places we are armed with a different kind of power. We feel rich in values, free from the material world, and more connected without the wires and webs but with webs of families and feelings. Life becomes a bit more challenging from point A to B and yet more meaningful and satisfying at the end of the day.

In those places, we talk, we listen and we argue passionately, we cry together, we laugh together. We spend time together without looking at our watches for the next appointment.
Our families and our children come and knock our door without appointment. We do not need to look at our calendar and struggle to find a few minutes for a lunch or coffee visit.

Yes, we live, we breath, we feel the pain, we appreciate the pleasures, we see the beauties around us and we actually observe nature. We see the trees, the rivers, the rocks, the flowers, the greens. We hear the birds, we enjoy the music, food, wine and the little things in life.
We feel the warmth of the sun, the magic of the stars and the romance under the moon.

We feel the rain drops on our naked bodies, we take time to play in snow, we have time to cuddle and not to worry about the next mortgage, we sip our wine even in places where it is prohibited because we are in the moment.

Sometimes I wonder if I want to exchange so much joy for a piece of electronic. Well, I may have to in order to survive, but I do not have to make it my whole life.

Living creatures need to communicate and love. This is true even among animals and we as human beings need to do much work to fill the vacuum with love and humanity.


Daughter of Diversity

As long as I remember, I am about diversity. Call me Daughter of Diversity who enjoys all that is different from me and my comfort zone. There is a magic to unknown and an inner reward for discovering the unknown.

I am immensely proud of my Persian heritage where I find and touch my roots. I am grateful to my upbringing for clarity of my values, I am in debt to  all people whom I  have met in far away places from home. People who shared with me their thoughts and traditions, their food and families and even their pains and pleasures. Often we did not even spoke the same tongue and yet their uniqueness brought me a wealth of beauty and wisdom.

Who am I ? I am a  woman,  I am an immigrant, I am a mother, a daughter and a sister. I am a traveler and I am the citizen of the world. I am passionate about life and people around me. I love to hear their voices and I enjoy sharing their challenges, their concerns. I sure want to hear from you who are may find my platform interesting. We sure have a lot to talk about..