The Human Tragedy:

What money has to do with Human Tragedy?
The recent Cleveland murder video on Facebook has two demotions to ponder about:
One is the growing abuse of the social media & what to do about it?
The other & the more important one is the sad old story of poverty, destitute & human tragedy.
Every time someone like Steven Stevenson commits a murder or suicide I can not help myself to pause and feeling sorry even for the murderer
Sure none of us condoning such inhumane act but most of us judge without asking why? What happens to human soul to become capable of such act on another person or/ and to himself?
This is the richest country in the world with most resources and yet we have a huge population of homeless, unemployed & hungry in every State.
As a society we have to think deeper, to feel gentler and to act more effectively on behalf of those who are cornered by life challenges & forgotten by the Society.
No one is a murderer at birth. It is life misfortunes that breaks the back of many dignified people to the point that life has no value or meaning to them.
It is tragic what they choose as the remedy but for them all doors are closed & there is no way out.
There must be ways to improve people’s lives, to bring hope into their hearts, to sooth their pain, to lift the pressure hoping to prevent such tragedies.
Yes there is a strong link between economy & crime.
When our dignity is crushed some of us take the road to crush everything on our way.
And the poor old man happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time receiving his rage.

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